Our Projects Show Our Diversity

A Proprietary Laser Welding System

Over a 2 year period, FLEW has evolved this project from idea, through concept, design, engineering, prototyping and is now in final commercial trials. During this time FLEW has engaged with world leading suppliers and end users to develop this proprietary system which delivers outcomes yet to be achieved anywhere in the world.

Additive Manufacturing – Electron Beam Project

FLEW recently acquired Intellectual Property from a leading Australian university which specifically focuses on enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the electron beam additive manufacturing process as it relates to metal and ceramic 3D printing. FLEW is commercialising this IP through collaboration with leading US-based research institutes.

Raman Spectroscopy

Under an ongoing collaboration between FLEW and a leading Australian University we have developed and commercialised existing IP to create an innovative, new nano material for trace molecule detection for law enforcement agencies and for research and testing agencies.

Additive Manufacturing – Development of New Materials

Developing additive manufacturing material parameters and machine parameters for new material formulations. This has been done for radiation shielding and aerospace applications in conjunction with leading overseas research institutes and Australian Health organisations. 

Additive Manufacturing – Development of New 3D Printing Processes

FLEW working with Australian Universities to develop a fundamentally new additive manufacturing process for the production of fibre composite materials with strong reinforcement in all dimensions removing the need for Z-Pinning. 

Additive Manufacturing – Welding of Titanium Parts 

FLEW is providing accurate laser welding of titanium parts produced by additive manufacture to increase potential part size and improve build volume packing efficiency for improved optimisation.