We're a Crucible That Moulds Innovation for Success

Anyone can have an idea. Innovators on the other hand have that special tenacity and ability to take that idea and forge it into a commercial reality.

Flew Solutions Australia’s origins began when Michael Larkins, an aspiring physicist with a strong background in laser technology had an idea for an innovative laser welding solution for an enduring problem inherent in traditional TIG and MIG welding applications. Michael pitched his idea to Silvio Pradella who was quick to see the potential commercial value of this system and the rest, as they say is history.

Shortly after, Mike Dart joined as CEO and over the past 2 years Michael, Silvio and Mike have worked tirelessly to progress the welding project from idea to commercial reality. Today the FLEW team are achieving welding results never before realised anywhere in the world. Along the way, FLEW has also acquired other innovative IP and invested in 4 other R&D projects, predominantly in the additive manufacturing space.

Flew Solutions Australia was born.


The process of identifying and validating Michael’s laser welding concept highlighted a broader issue facing innovators looking to bring their ideas to market. The lack of opportunity and resources to have their ideas tested and potentially supported within a commercially focused research and development environment. Further research revealed that Australia lacked depth when it came to commercially focused development support of innovation. It was a business opportunity too good to miss.

A partnership was formed to develop and promote an Australian based commercially focused research and development company to support Australian based innovation. Flew Solutions Australia.

Imagineering for a brighter future.


It’s not just new ideas that we search for. Having now gathered some of the best minds in science and technology we have actioned a plan to seek problems that currently stifles productivity across a broad cross section of industries. Problems that need a solution. Working in partnership, or via a project arrangement, we look to develop new ways of applying exisiting technologies, or indeed develop new technologies to solve problems.

Technological or mechanical, we have found that no challenge is too great if you have the right people and minds on board.